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MAY 3Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, director of the medical ethics program at UC Irvine and a member of the vaccine task force in Orange County, said it’s key to recognize “that the population in California is not homogenous — there are cultural, ethnic, moral, religious and medical differences between various individuals” and to hone “a public health strategy that thinks through that diversity.”
MAR 16Dr. Leslie Thompson, Chancellor's professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, Tackles Huntington’s Disease One Gene at a Time
MAR  16According to Dr. Ruth Benca, M.D., Ph.D., the Chair of Psychiatry & Human Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, people can start by doing just that: making sleep a top priority in their lives. “You have to set aside a sufficient amount of time to sleep at night,” Dr. Benca tells SheKnows. … Consistently sleeping the recommended amount of hours a night, Dr. Benca says, will benefit people both physically and mentally. … “From that perspective, one of the things that we can try to do to improve our wellness is to make sure we get a good sleep every night.”
MAR 16Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, director of the medical ethics program at UC Irvine and a member of the vaccine task force in Orange County, said implementing stricter requirements like doctors’ notes would have overwhelmed medical offices and, more significantly, left large swaths of people out in the cold. “The challenge is, if we make the verification criteria too strict, it becomes too onerous and cumbersome to actually implement on the ground, and people are really bogged down in all kinds of red tape,” he said.


AUG  5Dr. Anju Hurria, a child psychiatrist at the University of California, Irvine, said, "the article [published in Pediatrics] advocates for pediatricians screening for [Adverse Childhood Experiences] (ACEs) and ADHD, especially in grandparent-headed households." Hurria also added, "Adverse experiences have previously been connected with having difficulties in school, so it makes sense to involve the school when possible for extra support."
AUG  11Older adults who learned they had elevated amyloid levels didn't experience more short-term depression, anxiety, or suicidality than those who learned they didn't have elevated amyloid, reported Joshua Grill, PhD, of University of California Irvine, and colleagues in JAMA Neurology.
JUL 13UCI MIND, formally known as the Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders, is one of only 32 Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers around the country funded by the National Institute on Aging, an arm of the NIH. UC Irvine is one of the original half-dozen research centers established by the NIH in the early 1980s to study Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related disorders. … Dr. Joshua Grill, director of UCI MIND since March 2015, called the $14.4 million “an extremely important success for us.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to]
APR 16Leslie Thompson, PhD, a UCI faculty member internationally acclaimed for her work on the fight against Huntington’s disease has been awarded the title of Donald Bren Professor.
JUN 4Why Sleep Deprivation Kills: For the graduate students running these experiments, the days were long. “The lab was in an apartment building, so you’d have a bedroom next to an animal testing room,” said RUTH BENCA, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine who worked with [Allan] Rechtschaffen for some years. “They had bedrooms next to the rooms where their animals were being deprived so they could monitor around the clock.”
APR 14Dr. Kevin Im, of UCI's Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior puts sleep, immunity and the novel coronavirus into perspective.
MAR 18Rimal Bera MD; Coping with the stress of COVID-19; Helpful tips for the quarantined, social distancers and parents
FEB  20An article, written by Francie Broghammer, MD, Chief Resident in Psychiatry at The University of California Irvine: Cohabitation, Attachment and Intergenerational Repition


DEC 5David Sultzer, M.D. UCI hires new Alzheimer’s researcher: The UC Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders recently recruited Alzheimer’s disease researcher Dr. David Sultzer to oversee its clinical research operations …. Sultzer is a clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior. The university said he “plans to incorporate his understanding of the human struggles with these behavioral changes into the fabric of clinical trials,” which he also did while at UCLA. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to]
DEC 5Josh Grill, PhD Biogen to make case to skeptics for its controversial Alzheimer's drug: Others have questioned the drug’s safety data and other aspects of the trial analysis. “The safety concern is swelling or even bleeding in the brain that may result from the process of lowering beta-amyloid levels,” said Dr. Joshua Grill, a neurological disorders expert from the University of California, Irvine. Some aducanumab patients were taken off the drug due to brain swelling and later allowed back into the trial, further complicating findings.
NOV 21UCI Health psychologist Ariel Neikrug, PhD, director of behavioral sleep services for UCI Health Sleep Medicine Services in Newport Beach, says, “There’s been a lot of research linking short sleep — around six hours a night or less — with cardiovascular disease,”
NOV 17Ruth M. Benca MD, PhD: What Science Tells Us About Preventing Dementia Another theory is that sleep washes “toxic substances out of our brains that shouldn’t be there,” including beta amyloid and tau proteins that are implicated in Alzheimer’s, says Ruth Benca, a professor of medicine at the University of California, Irvine. … “Poor sleep may be a risk factor for Alzheimer’s,” says Prof. Benca, who is conducting a study to see whether treating sleep problems may help prevent dementia. She says sleep—or a lack of it—may help explain why about two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women. [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here:]
NOV 1Ruth M. Benca, MD, PhD “Sleep disorders and insufficient sleep contribute to Alzheimer’s decades before people develop the disorder,” Ruth Benca, a psychiatrist at the University of California, Irvine, said during a panel on brain health at the summit in Washington, DC. Benca’s work has tracked the relationship between sleep—particularly the deep sleep known as rapid-eye movement (REM)—and its relationship to developing dementia later in life.
SEPT 25Ruth M. Benca, MD, PhD co-author "Combining Zolpidem With SSRI May Benefit Patients With MDD Who Are Experiencing Insomnia And Suicidal Thoughts"
AUG  23A Look At The Legal And Personal Ramifications Of Sperm Donation. What’s Your Story? Many families have been created thanks to sperm banks …. Larry [Mantle] sits down to talk about the legal ramifications for those involved in the process. … Guests: Aaron Kheriaty, M.D., associate professor of psychiatry and director of the Medical Ethics Program at the School of Medicine at UC Irvine and Amira Hasenbush ….
AUG  19Bryce Mander PhD. Those results add credence to an idea that’s been circulating among Alzheimer’s researchers but hasn’t yet gained a lot of traction, says neuroscientist Bryce Mander of the University of California, Irvine: “You see tau in the brain stem, and you see it really early.” The findings may fundamentally refocus dementia research on sleep-wake centers in the brain stem. “We can’t continue to ignore the brain stem if we think about these dementias and how they progress,” Mander says.
AUG  7William E. Bunney, MD, receives the 2019 Oberlin College Distinguished Achievent Award
MAY 09I Can’t ‘Do It All’… And neither can you: Recently, I read an article by Ruth Benca, a psychiatrist at the University of California Irvine Health Neuropsychiatric Center that indicated that a sign of sleep deprivation is that you need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. It really struck a chord with me and a few days ago, I decided to test it.
MAY 3Sleeping pills: A risk of car crashes, gunshot wounds and Jason Bourne amnesia
APR 11UCI-led research team catalogs mitochondria deletions in the human brain using a single test | School of Medicine | University of California, Irvine
APR 10Don't Be Taken In by Dementia 'Pseudomedicine' “A common situation is an older adult becoming concerned about their memory and taking a supplement to try to ward off dementia,” says Joshua Grill, director of the Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders
MAR 13Michaerl Yassa, PhD: A study published in January in Nature Neuroscience added support to the idea that the LEC plays a role in time and memory. In the study, 19 college students watched an episode of the television show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” while researchers recorded their brain activity. Afterward, the students were presented with images from the episode and asked to recall when they appeared. The most accurate guesses corresponded with the strongest LEC activity, says Michael Yassa, director of the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine, and senior researcher on the study.
MAR 8Chancellor’s Professor Leslie M. Thompson, PhD, CIRM approves $6 million in funding for UCI Researchers to study new treatment for Huntington’s disease
JAN 24Bryce Mander, PhD Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of Californiea, Irvine "Why Rocking to Sleep Is a Matchless Sedative - and Elixir"


OCT  29RUTH BENCA MD PhD Sleep, Gender and Mental Health; NIH-hosted panel addresses the interconnections
AUG 15Big Idea Challenge Winner - Leslie M. Thompson, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior and Neurobiology & Behavior
MAY 03Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and director of the UCI Health Medical Ethics Program, discusses the mental health system in America magazine.
APR 27Dr. Matthew Reed selected for Dean's Scholars: One of 12 medical education leaders to implement the Education Strategic Plan initiatives and train and develop the next generation of medical education scholars and national leaders.
APR 23Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and director of UCI's Medical Ethics Program, discusses the bioethics of infant DNA sequencing on KPCC's AirTalk
APR 17People reach their maximum cognitive abilities in their 60s, says UCI neuroscientist James Fallon, PhD, professor emeritus of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.
MAR 30UC Irvine psychiatrist Dr. Ruth Benca, an expert on sleep and brain health, tells conference at least 15 percent of dementia is directly related to sleep disturbance and sleep problems.
MAR 12Dr. Bryce Mander/CNN Daytime drowsiness increases risk of Alzheimer's in elderly, study says.


NOV 26Congratulations! Dr. Ruth Benca - New Research Funding from the UCI Research Office for the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience (SCN) Center.
JUL 25Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, UC Irvine's director of medical ethics, says it's "troubling" if parents like those of infant Charlie Gard are prevented from seeking alternative treatments.


NOV 30UC Irvine Health psychiatrist Jody M. Rawles, MD, tells Billboard magazine why a patient like rapper Kanye West may need longer hospitalization.
OCT 11James H. Fallon, professor of psychiatry & human behavior, discusses what makes someone a psychopath during his TED Talk.
MAY 25Dr. William Bunney, distinguished professor of psychiatry & human behavior, receives prestigious alumni award from Penn Medicine.
MAY 23Dr. Ruth Benca joins UC Irvine Health as chair of psychiatry & human behavior.
APR 15UC Irvine team finds method to reduce accumulation of damaging Huntington’s disease protein.


OCT 26Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, UC Irvine associate professor of psychiatry, on the importance of physicians having end-of-life care conversations with patients.
JUN 23Dr. Steven Potkin, UC Irvine professor of psychiatry & human behavior, leads Huntington’s disease study.
APR 13Dr. William Bunney, distinguished professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior, is awarded prestigious Payne Whitney Award for Extraordinary Public Service.
FEB 13People who consider suicide don't want to die, but to escape intolerable suffering, says Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior.


DEC 09UC Irvine study suggests multiple, short learning sessions could aid children with autism-related condition.
NOV 14Jody Rawles says Laura's Law is a major step in improving access to mental health care in Orange County.
OCT 15The vast majority of suicides are associated with some form of clinical depression, says Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior.
OCT 10UC Irvine psychiatric researcher Theo van Erp is involved in global brain data analysis effort funded by NIH.
OCT 08UC Irvine professor Leslie M. Thompson partners with researchers in $8 million effort to create library of brain cell activity.


NOV 25UC Irvine's Leslie Thompson is named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
NOV 05UC Irvine's Dr. Steven Potkin has received a $100,000 award from the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression to further his brain imaging research.
OCT 03UC Irvine Health and MemorialCare Health System announce affiliation to expand access to high-quality healthcare.