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Chief's Corner

Dr. Lydia Kim and Drew Park Present (08/2020)

Drs. Lydia Kim and Drew Park presented a poster at Virtual SLEEP 2020 titled, “Depression is Not Associated with the Presence of or the Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Retrospective Study of 841 Polysomnography Subjects”.

Dr. Drew Park Wins UC Irvine New Venture Competition, Business Products and Services Track (06/2020)

Dr. Drew Park places first place at the UC Irvine New Venture Competition, Business Products and Services track for a business case presentation of a team collaboration app for post-acute care facilities and providers. Link here.

Dr. Kevin Ing Awarded APA/APAF SAMHSA Funded Minority Fellowship (03/23/2020)

Dr. Kevin Ing awarded the American Psychiatric Association (APA)/ APA Foundation (APAF) SAMHSA Funded Minority Fellowship. Fellowship grantees receive about $25,000 in funding to be used towards their proposed project and related expenses with up to two annual meetings.

Dr. Bryan Shapiro Publishes (10/19)

Dr. Bryan Shapiro publishes an article about the risks of caffeine withdrawal during inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, in the Journal of Addiction Medicine. Link here.

Drs. Chris Gabriel and Drew Park Present (10/2019)

Drs. Chris Gabriel and Drew Park presented posters at the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry Annual Meeting titled, “A Unique Presentation of Paraneoplastic Psychosis in the Setting of Metastatic Leiomyosarcoma” and “A Case of Significantly Delayed Divalproex-Induced Thrombocytopenia,” respectively.

Dr. Francie Broghammer Presents (9/2019)

Dr. Francie Broghammer presented at the Catholic Medical Association Annual Educational Conference. Her presentation was titled "Gratitude: A Pathway to Physician Resiliency and Happiness."

Dr. Sean Comeau Accepts Fellowship Position (08/2019)

Dr. Sean Comeau accepted a forensic psychiatry fellowship at the University of Colorado School of Medicine to start in July 2020.

Dr. Leigh Goodrich Presents (08/2019)

Dr. Leigh Goodrich presented at the World Psychiatric Association Congress as symposium speaker on a session titled, "Psychiatry re-emerges in the public imagination: Mental health and political discourse", and as a poster presenter for “Adolescent decision-making capacity: special considerations in evaluation from neurobiological, ethical and legal perspectives".

Eli at UCI Brain CampDr. Eli Kalika at UC Irvine Brain Camp (08/2019)

Dr. Eli Kalika gave a presentation to middle and high school students enrolled in the UC Irvine Brain Camp, a two-week immersive neurosciences experience with lectures, seminars, workshops and hands-on laboratory activities. Link here.

Dr. Wojtanowicz Publish (06/2019)

Dr. Todd Wojtanowicz published a case report of acute transaminitis observed in a patient started on haloperidol.

Gabriel, R., Wojtanowicz, T., Farokhpay, R., & Bota, R. (2019). Acute transaminitis after initial days of starting haloperidol. Mental Illness, 11 (1).

Drs. Alice Ing Accepts Fellowship (06/2019)

Drs. Alice Ing accepts the Ramsey Institute Fellowship 2019-2021 for her background and growing expertise in bioethics. As a recipient of this award, she will receive extensive training and mentorship by bioethics thought leaders worldwide.

"Death by Loneliness" by Dr. Francie Broghammer (05/06/19)

This essay is part of a Dr. Broghammer's contribution to Pepperdine School of Public Policy's "American Project", an initiative focused on reimagining meaningful community structure and engagement. Link here.

Sexual Assault Examinations in Emergency Department (05/03/19)

Drs. Drew Park and Anna Sofine assisted nurse coordinator, Kate Mcavoy, to recruit candidates and make policy modification recommendations for an initiative to train and deploy sexual assault examiners at the UC Irvine Main Campus and Medical Center.

Goldwater Rule Presentation (04/16/19)

Drs. Chris Cho and Drew Park, under the direction of Dr. Anish Dube, moderated a debate about the Goldwater Rule at an Orange County Psychiatric Society CME event.

"Deaths of Despair" by Dr. Francie Broghammer (03/21/19)

This podcast by "Doctor, Doctor" features Dr. Francie Broghammer who discusses the increase in global suicide incidence, its causes and what we can do about it. Link here.

California Psychiatric Association Advocacy Day (03/18/19)

Drs. Ben Nguyen, Drew Park, Sean Comeau and Chris Cho participated in CPA Advocacy Day to meet with legislators on issues related to substance use disorder treatment, enforcement of mental health parity, among other initiatives. 

APA MindGames Top 10 Placement (03/01/19)

Drs. Jeff Leong, Bryan Shapiro and Sean Coumeau competed in and placed amongst the top 10 teams during the APA MindGames resident competition. Link here.

APA Leadership Fellowship Award (03/01/19)

Dr. Francie Broghammer was awarded the APA Leadership Fellowship for 2019, in which role she will actively participate on a selected APA Council and receive mentorship in the area of organized psychiatry leadership.

Drs. Andia Turner and Jessica Kim Publish (02/26/19)

Drs. Andia Turner and Jessica Kim published a review on differentiating serotonin syndrome from neuroleptic malignant syndrome in Current Psychiatry.

Turner, A. H., Kim, J. J., McCarron, R. M., & Nguyen, C. T. (2019). Differentiating serotonin syndrome and neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Current Psychiatry, 18(2), 30.

Dr. Leigh Goodrich Publishes (11/08/18)

Dr. Leigh Goodrich was published as an associate editor on the second edition of Primary Care Psychiatry, a psychiatry training textbook for primary care providers.

McCarron, R. M., Xiong, G. L., Rivelli, S., Muskin, P. R., Summergrad, P., & Suo, S. (2019). Primary Care Psychiatry (2nd ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.

Dr. Bryan Shapiro Publishes (09/2018)

Dr. Bryan Shapiro publishes an original article on SSRI pharmacodynamics.

Shapiro, Bryan B. "Subtherapeutic doses of SSRI antidepressants demonstrate considerable serotonin transporter occupancy: implications for tapering SSRIs." Psychopharmacology 235.9 (2018): 2779-2781.

Drs. Todd Wojtanowicz and Sean Coumeau Publish (05/16/18)

Drs. Todd Wojtanowicz and Sean Coumeau published a case report on hallucinosis presenting in a patient with a pontine cavernoma.

Couse M, Wojtanowicz T, Comeau S, Bota R. “Peduncular hallucinosis associated with a pontine cavernoma.” Mental Illness. 2018 May 16. Vol 10, No 1. 

Dr. Bryan Shapiro Publishes (01/26/18)

Dr. Bryan Shapiro published a case report on cryptococcal meningitis presenting in a cannabis-using patient with no immunodeficiency.

Shapiro, Bryan B., et al. "Cryptococcal meningitis in a daily cannabis smoker without evidence of immunodeficiency." BMJ case reports 2018 (2018): bcr-2017.